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Pre-congress course  (Nov 8)

Flow Cytometry: First Steps and Update

Below you will find the schedules of the Live Forums related to the pre-congress course.

In these live forums, you will be able to interact directly with the speakers of the Pre-congress Course and solve any doubts that you may have had from the classes on demand

Available for registered users from November 1

MODERATORS: Alexandre Salvador, José Carlos Segovia, Lola Martínez 




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Mariela Bollati-Fogolín and Roxana del Rio-Guerra

Mariela Bollati-Fogolín and Roxana del Rio-Guerra

FORUM - Your first questions about flow cytometry and more


Lourdes Arriaga-Pizano

FORUM - Interpretation of basic flow cytometry data in research and clinic


Cecilia Malusardi

FORUM - Hematopoietic Cell Ontogeny - Lymphoid


Daniela Lens

FORUM - Hematopoietic Cell Ontogeny - Myeloid

"At Latinflow we are committed to the teaching and dissemination of cytometry from the grassroots to advanced applications, our community works together   to support us and collaborate on all related issues. "

Meet our speakers

Mariela Bollati-Fogolín

Head of the Cell Biology Unit, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay.
Associate Professor of Cell Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad ORT Uruguay.

She is a Biochemist and Doctor in Biological Sciences (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina). He completed his postdoctoral training in the Experimental Immunology group (Center for Infection Research, Germany) where he began his steps in flow cytometry. Since 2006, he is Head of the Cell Biology Unit of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay, where he coordinates a platform based on flow cytometry and cell technology. Since 2011, she is Professor of Cell Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad ORT Uruguay. She is an Active Researcher Level II (National System of Researchers, Uruguay) and an Active Researcher Grade 4 (Basic Sciences Development Program, PEDECIBA). He has more than 50 scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed journals (h-Index: 18). He has participated in the training of human resources, organized and taught postgraduate courses and has led different research and development projects both in the academic field and in association with companies. Member of: Board of Directors of the Rioplatense Group of Flow Cytometry (Argentina-Uruguay), Chair of the CYTO Women Task Force of ISAC (International Society for Advancement of Cytometry) and Advisory Committee of CABBIO (Argentine-Brazilian Center for Biotechnology). His lines of research focus on health biotechnology (human, animal) using flow cytometry and cell technology as central tools.

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Roxana del Rio-Guerra

Director of the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Unit, Larner College of Medicine,
University of Vermont, USA.

After completing his postgraduate studies in Immunology at UNAM-Mexico (Master's degree at the Inst. Of Biomedical Research and Ph.D. at the Inst. Of Biotechnology), he completed his postdoctoral training in the Immunobiology program at the Univ. Of Vermont (USA). ) working on understanding how some genes determine susceptibility / resistance to autoimmune diseases using murine models of multiple sclerosis, autoimmune ovarian disease and orchitis. From the beginning as a Biologist Chemist, I have used flow cytometry as a tool to solve questions of biological relevance. For more than 8 years she has been dedicated to flow cytometry, and in 2019 she was appointed Director of the Flow Cytometry Unit. She is a Research Fellow at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and has numerous scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals. She has a great interest in teaching this technology and is very active participating in scientific committees of different local, national and international scientific organizations (ie Northeast Regional Laboratory Staff and Core Directors, NERLSCD; Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities, ABRF; International Society for Advancement of
Cytometry, ISAC).

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Lourdes Arriaga-Pizano

Medical Research Unit in Immunochemistry, Specialty Hospital, National Medical Center SXXI, México City,  Mexico

Doctor; Master of Science with a Specialty in Molecular Biomedicine, and Dr. Infinicyt program.


Member of the National System of Researchers Level I

Member of the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico (since 2020)

Founder and Ex-Coordinator of the Cytometry Chapter of the Mexican Society of Immunology (SMI) (03/2012 to 04/2021)

Chair of Associated Societies Task Force of ISAC (International Society for the Advacement of Cytometry; 2020 to 2022)

Cecilia Malusardi

Department of Clinical Hematology Hospital, Jose de San Martin, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. I did my Residency at the Hospital de Clínicas José de San Martin between 1997 and 2000 and the Head of Residence between 2000 and 2001, where I stayed working as a plant biochemist from 2001 to 2015.

Then I went to work at the Citomlab Laboratory in the area of Flow Cytometry for one year and at Fundaleu for two years.  

In 2018 I returned to the Hospital de Clínicas and I continue there today.

At the same time, since 2018 I have been in the Research laboratory of the Pedro de Elizalde Children's Hospital

On the other hand, I organized and I am a teacher of the subject "Flow Cytometry in Hematological Diagnosis" of the Chair of Clinical Analysis II of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the UBA.

I was President of the GRCF during the years 2016 and 2017

Several works published in national and international magazines.

Daniela lens

Laboratory of Flow Cytometry and Molecular Biology, Basic Department of Medicine, University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay

Doctor of Medicine and Hematologist from the Faculty of Medicine, UdelaR,
Uruguay and Doctor of Science (PhD) from the Institute of Cancer Research,
University of London, UK.


Director Professor of the Dept. Basic Medicine and Director of the Cytometry and Molecular Biology Laboratory. This laboratory's mission is to contribute to the development and technological transfer to the healthcare area of various procedures in hematological pathologies and the training of human resources at the national and regional level in the area of cytometry and molecular biology. Research and development lines: technological transfer of new tests to clinical practice in hematology and characterization of the immune response by flow cytometry, applied to various chronic and infectious diseases.

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