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Discover Beckman Coulter Life Sciences' Euroflow approved clinical flow cytometry equipment and reagents!

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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences works with equipment, reagents, and services for its laboratory, enabling new discoveries in life science research and development.

We provide the technology you need to obtain accurate and reproducible results, whether for routine tests based on​​ in cells or highly complex flow cytometry applications.

Researchers looking to harness the power of high-dimensional single-cell analysis rely on software that streamlines instrumentation performance without compromising required performance.

The clinical diagnostic laboratory, constantly under pressure to do more with less, can benefit from solutions that streamline workflow and eliminate time-consuming manual steps that can lead to costly errors.

Check out our clinical flow cytometry solutions

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Euroflow Approved Conjugated Antibodies

ClearLLab - Preconfigured Dry Antibody Panels

High sensitivity flow cytometry with analysis of up to 13 colors

We have the largest portfolio of CE-IVD and ASR conjugated antibodies validated according to clinical standards. We develop and manufacture reagents in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), the highest quality standards in the industry, ensuring optimal antibody panel performance. The stability of our tandem dye colorants guarantees reproducible and reliable results.

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Through DURA Innovations technology, ClearLLab 10C preconfigured dry antibody panels eliminate the need for pipetting antibodies, improving efficiency and reducing the potential for human error. The IVD system is the only integrated, FDA certified and CE marked L&L immunophenotyping solution that provides all the necessary components, from quality controls, antibody panels to analysis software.

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Identify rare cell populations with avalanche photodiode technology with the DxFLEX clinical flow cytometer up to 13 CE-IVD colors and get the most information from your sample. Superior performance, compact design and complete automation! The missing piece of equipment for greater efficiency in your clinical laboratory!

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An online tool to help you build your multicolor panel!

Once new users become familiar with flow cytometry instruments and learn how to set up the instrument and acquire data, the next topic to master is antibody panel design. Optimizing a multi-color immunophenotyping panel is often described as a difficult and time-consuming process. The ultimate goal of this process is to overcome the loss of sensitivity that occurs when combining fluorescence for multi-color detection. One challenge is that the panel requires the optimization of multiple variables simultaneously, changing the sensitivity of the marker and the detection characteristics of the instrument.

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