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In Memoriam

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Dr. Alejandro Ruiz Argüelles

Physician / Immunologist expert in Luxury F Cytometry

(September 25, 1959 - July 25, 2019)

Puebla, Mexico

Academic training

Surgeon from the Aútonoma University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico (1976).

• National Institute of Nutrition Salvador Zubirán, Mexico City (1976-1980).


• Mayo Clinic Rochester, USA (1980-1982).



• Pioneer that standardized leukemia immunophenotyping in Mexico (1993).

• He trained more than 200 cytometrists and researchers from all over Latin America vice-president of the scientific division, ifcc.

• Chairman of the division of the standardization committee, clinical cytometryc.

• Member of the scientific committee isac).

• Organizer of the 1st and 2nd Latin American Consensus Conferences for Leukemia Immunotyping (1997, 2005).

• First national consensus meeting for immunophenotyping of acute leukemias (2019).


• General Director and Head of the Immunology Department of Clinical Laboratories of Puebla Clínica Ruíz.


Member of:

• National Academy of Medicine.

• Mexican Academy of Sciences.

• Mexican Society of Immunology.

• American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

• Mexican Association for the Study of Hematology.

• International Federation of Clinical Chemistry.


Expert in

• Immunophenoptyping.

• Malignant Hematitis.

• DNA analysis.

• Sorting.

• Intracellular Cytokines • Enriching Conversations.

• The good food.


• 77 articles in scientific journals.

• 13 letters to the editor.

• 50 book chapters.

• 3 books.


First article you published

• Antibody to nuclear ribonucleoprotein penetrates live human mononuclear cells through fc receptors.

• Alarcon Segovia, Ruiz Arguelles. , Fishbein.

• Nature (1978).


First cytometer you used

• Fc200 cytofluorograph from ortho diagnostics (1979).


Ride a motorcycle, paint.

Greatest achievement

Their children.

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